March 4, 2012. 5:03 PM PST. Currently in a game of HC: HQ. Hacker vs Hacker. 1 on our team, 2 on the other. Hilarious. U/exploitedchildren is some kind of hacker. He screwed with this sub, and I was initially unable to ban him. No worry! I tracked down the fuxcker and banned his a right now. He can go fuxck himself with Currie lamb and her CCP friends down there in Bastard dog HQ.

How Project ZORGO Trapped me In Guava Juice HQ 3AM MarMar. clay and vy Qwaint were trapped in an ABANDONED SCHOOL BUS I was led to an ABANDONED CAR where things got fishy the HACKER CHANGED MY. HQ, The Worlds Most Popular Trivia App, Just Got Hacked by a Bot. HQ users in the embedded comments section have for weeks blamed the surge in users with perfect scores on bots. That in. I Hacked HQ Trivia But Heres How They Can Stop Me - By, I would never try to cheat and Google an answer for HQ Trivia. Its not so much a matter of honor, but the fact that its impossible to Google quickly enough, and then read and parse Google. HQ Trivia, one of the hottest apps of 2017, is reinventing what game shows look like in the 21st century. On HQ, you can tune in live every day to answer trivia questions for the chance to win thousands of dollars. However, as HQ Trivia increases in popularity, it exposes itself to a significant. How Project ZORGO Trapped me In Guava Juice HQ 3AM, HQ, The Worlds Most Popular Trivia App, Just Got Hacked, Here's How To Cheat At HQ Trivia While You Play, HQ Hack and Cheat: How It Works.





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If he was a traitor then who did he betray? it sure as hell wasnt the people because all the info he leaked was for the people's well being. he betrayed a tyrannical government, which in my book, is a a good thing. I got chills when Cypher kissed Dom in front of Letty. Vin Diesel looks like J.K Simmons in the thumbnail. I can't be the only one.

The acting is soooo bad.



They dragged poor Charlize Theron into this didn't they.




Lol,the 22 minutes felt like 2 minutes. Holy shit, The Bunk was in this movie? How did I not remember that. Super 👌🏻.

This movie looks really bad. You should watch Citizenfour instead

So why was FBI was fitting with apple for that iPhone.

Yah take my enemy and my misfortune to satisfy you

Would you all just stop with all of this saltiness! They brilliantly made it happen 7 times. They can make it 8 as well.


Our kids will celebrate Edward Snowden Day. This man is a HERO. I loved the older ones when Paul walker was driving the gtrs such as the r34 and the r35... the older ones never had all this military/mortal combat bs😐. Jason strathem is the best in the movie. you can't stop him. SHERLOCK. Holy, what a great movie. BU SEFER 100/100 AKSİYON AQ. British movies sucks. How to make one of the most important events in recent history into a popcorn movie with all sense of reality drained. Lets hope the film isnt as ridiculous as the trailer. They gonna need a spaceship after this. I saw iT and one of best movies ever. The end was bitter sweet. The raid 1 and 2, the protector 1 and 2 are amazing. Iko uwais and tony jaa are great. Headshot is good aswell. Also the new kickboxer film is good the second 1 of the reboot. Old school i like best of the best 1 and 2.

Fast and the Furious 8.I agree WTF Dom Vs his own family. His own family and the entire crew of Fast and the Furious 1-8 will track him down with the help of Mr. Nobody. If Dom stay with bad side. Awesome movie.