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At frist I thought this real and the guys were just messed and I realize they are actors like I all can do is laugh every time I see this movie.


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1:35 se auguem faz isso pra mim u digo fala sinho fala pra essa mina que toda gota de maldade seque me proteja de todo mal amem que todos vcs fiquem bem. Greg o'gallagher brought me here lol. Kristina is so beautiful. KristinaPimenova♡♡♡♡. Where's Greg. Kristina❤️. Just here for Kristina ❤❤. I watched it, a very good movie. Watching it now. creepy movie.


Loo... psychopath story... OMG what the F did I watch,dont lose your time boys,find something else: Shame on the director and everyone involved in making this movie,Im embarrassed by just watching it.