This is basically a realistic documentary on the totally real Kumite that totally happened in real life! wow! basically its like Mortal Kombat but without the costumes. br> Actors:
Although it doesn't have the classic fued between Van Damn and Bolo Yeung, it does have Donald Gibb. The new guy Daniel Bernhardt does a good job.
Fight Scenes:
The fights are well done and the actors are athletic.
Sounds somewhere in between Mortal Kombat and salsa dancing music.
Philosophy: To own something one must earn it, not steal maybe both?
Conclusive Thoughts:
The characters are not as interesting, one guy had clown style makeup on while fighting the first female warrior allowed in the tournament. The fight scenes with the generic fighters combined with the Mortal Kombat Salsa music worked well together. A backstory for some of the tournament fighters would make it more interesting and would add some plot depth.




Hd bloodsport 2013. The story to Bloodsport 2 is nothing to write home about, but as far as fights, the beginning to the end of his film has nothing but continuous fights (both in and out of the tournament. The final fight between Alex (Bernhardt) and Ong Soon Han is actually pretty good, maybe better than Van Damme and Chong Li in the first Bloodsport. Hd Bloodsport 2015. Hd bloodsport 2012. Hd bloodsport 2017. Trailer: Bloodsport. Report. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. for free your favorite movies and tv-series. 123Movies is updated daily with latest aired full episodes and latest hd movies online. Bookmark.


Bloodsport 2: Daniel Bernhardt, James Hong, Pat.


Bloodsport 2 (1996. Hd Bloodsport 2.2. Hd bloodsport 2015. Film HD Streaming,Série HD Streaming, HD STREAM, Streaming en HD, STREAMING 1080p, streaming film, Série Streaming, Série Netflix STREAMING. Bloodsport 2. SYNOPSIS : Emprisonné dans un camp disciplinaire au fin fond de la Thaïlande, pour avoir volé un sabre ancestral, Alex doit se.