Rating 50% 10. Godspeed - Priez Pour Votre Survie - Film (2009. SensCritique. Godspeed (2009. Full Cast & Crew. Godspeed is obviously a film about redemption, but holds more for the audience in being a genuinely good movie about life, faith, and coping from the perspective of all the characters and not just the lead. Everyone has their own story in this, their own past. The storyline is one that engages you as you want to find out more about these characters whose lives you've entered in media res. The characters are endearing in that none are black/white, but have shades of both. No one is completely good or bad in this film, which succeeds in making the hero more relatable and the bad guy even creepier in that while you might not agree with his decisions, you can see where he's coming from.
Godspeed has the "indie" feel to it that brings an intimacy between film and audience. Its gritty-ness makes you live the story rather than watch from an elevated, third-party position, and is complimented by beautiful Alaskan scenery that brings a calm, isolated feel that magnifies the tension between the characters.

Aug 30, 2011 Six months after his life was torn apart by the brutal murder of his wife and son, former faith.Duration: 1:37 Posted: Aug 30, 2011.