Rent The Whole Shootin' Match (1979) starring Lou Perryman and Sonny Carl Davis on DVD and Blu-ray. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no late fees, ever. Fast, free delivery. One month free trial. Lets go NATS. I was introduced to Eagle Pennell in Valhalla; sadly, he was on his downward spiral when I spoke with him that one time.

The whole shebang. Meaning. All of it; the whole thing. Origin. This is an American phrase, from the 1920s. The first question for those of us not living in the USA, and I suspect quite a few that do, is, what's a shebang. A low-budget, sepia-toned mini-classic that shows the dignity and humanity of the human spirit, The Whole Shootin' Match is the story of two young Texas men chasing their dreams to get rcih. I really like this film, I thought it was really comical most of the time and really just used the stupid cowboy approach to their advantage. The film is about these two dumb cowboys Frank and Loyd who spend most of their time drinking, flirting with women (even though Frank is married to Paulette) and thinking of get rich quick schemes since they can't seem to hold down jobs. They tried frog farming and squirrel ranching among other things and now are in a failing roofing business. Finally, Loyd invents a gadget he calls the Kitchen Wizard, and they each make a thousand dollars selling the rights to a patent attorney who gives them a contract worth much more. However, their idea is stolen and they soon run out of money. Frank contemplates suicide, but Loyd talks him out of it by reminding him of his family and their friendship. The film is kind of awesome that it ends the way it does, I mean it is almost like it fools the audience. The whole time you are just thinking that these are two idiots with rocks for brains, and there is absolutely no way that these two, or anyone in the film for that matter, could have a half way decent thought go through their mind. But then you realize that this guy has actual emotions and can truly contemplate on something, even something as vital as taking his own life. So it is like the whole film is a big oxymoron, it just shifts drastically from one extreme to the other. This film also majorly contributed to independent cinema. It even was one of the inspiring forces behind Robert Redford creating the Sundance Film Festival. So this film is definitely worth a shot, it is a really cool story.

"The Whole Shootin' Match" is one of the best examples of a new regional American cinema (I call it the Wood-Burning Cinema) that's been creating itself in the last few years. It was financed and made totally in Texas by Texans (and in large part by Eagle Pennell himself. Its budget was around 30,000. The Whole Shootin' Match - Texas Monthly. Whole shooting match - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. The Whole Shootin' Match A feature film by Eagle Pennell This DVD features Eagle Pennell's 1978 indie classic about a get-rich-quick scheme gone awry. Robert Redford cites the film as inspiring him to start the Sundance Film Festival. Louis Black Productions LLC. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets.

The Whole Shootin Match. 33.00 36.00. Enough seasoning and rub to take care of every possible cook! Get 4 of our seasonings for the deepest discount! 10 oz of Holy Cow. 12 oz of Gospel All Purpose. 12 oz of Holy Gospel. 12 oz of Honey Hog. The Whole Shootin' Match. 2016 world series. The whole shootin' match. (DVD video, 2008). The Whole Shootin' Match is a decent movie that has many flaws. The director has a captivating story and theme to the movie, however the continued hardships of the main characters becomes exhausting to watch. I found the soundtrack to this film very entertaining, and alive. I think it is one of the focal points of this film. It was re-released to big screens a short time ago (December I think. I don't believe it had a big showing so I would geuss it will show up on DVD fairly shortly.





The Whole Shootin' Match (Restored) Trailer. Definition of the whole shooting match in the Idioms Dictionary. the whole shooting match phrase. What does the whole shooting match expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The whole shooting match - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. 2-2-2009 In 1979, Eagle Pennell and Lin Sutherland wrote and produced THE WHOLE SHOOTIN' MATCH. SHOOTIN' MATCH was the next independent feature film to come out of Austin after THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and it could not be more different. It's more like a comedic ballad sung by Townes Van Zandt. SHOOTIN' MATCH.

The whole shooting match definition and meaning. The Whole Shootin' Match (1978. The Vortex—The Whole Shootin Match. The Whole Shootin' Match (1979. Rotten Tomatoes. A low-budget, sepia-toned mini-classic that shows the dignity and humanity of the human spirit, The Whole Shootin' Match is the story of two young Texas men chasing their dreams to get rcih. The whole shooting match - Idioms by The Free. The Whole Shootin' Match – Texas Monthly. 9-1-2020 The whole shooting match definition: the whole of something, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. The Whole Shootin' Match.