Mirror Mirror.





Mirror 2c mirror walls. Mirror mirror cast. Mirror mirror on the wall. Trailer sounds like a dam shampoo ad... Mirror 2c mirror room. Mirror Mirror. Am I the only one who hasn't read the book (so not feeling the pain of inaccuracies) but just thinks the trailer looks really interesting.


Aaaaaahhhhhhh I can't wait. I prefer SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. Mirror 2c mirror cabinet. Way more magical than Beauty and The beast. Mirror mirror trailer. Mirror, mirror site. I'm soo sick of hearing people complain about this movie. First of all, I really wasn't a cinderella fan at all. But I actually really loved this one, it's probably the best Cinderella out of them all. It really makes you believe in things like this, which the other ones lack. Yes, disney is running out of ideas, but that doesn't mean they can't recreate big movies. It's not against the law for them to do that so stop complaining.

Let me clarify: The Little Mermaid is in the public domain. This ain't Disney

The twins look like members of the KKK lol. Mirror, mirror. One of my favorite movies just finished watching it <3 Kyle is so sexy. I've been waiting for this movie for so long! thank you Disney! and I'm 22. People who are criticizing this for being a remake are clueless. If you haven't seen this yet you're out of the loop.






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