I like Joe Rogan's podcast and was curious to see him as a comedian. He really isn't bad. But a lot of it wasn't really funny. Not offensive just not funny. One thing that I found hilarious was the part about vegans and animals. And this has nothing to do with me being against vegans. I am for saving animals and admire them. I liked how Joe Rogan even said that most vegans are good, an he said it in a pretty fun way. I loved all the other jokes on the topic as well as his whole body language. I wold say that difference between cat and dog personalities is a common joke but he did it in a very special way. And this topic was a big part of the stand up so I can say I enjoyed most of it.






I posted this originally in Movies, and then just updated my list with comments, and other ones I thought about while hyperlinking. I LOVE Rubber Reality, especially as they can be a parent genre to films that are drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, action, etc. In that, I am sort of copy/pasting the finished thread for you to review, comment on, argue about certain movies, and clue me in with stuff I may have forgotten. I recently set out to identify a genre of films that is diverse, broad. Joe rogan strange times 2018. Joe rogan brain pills.


First things first, I apologise for the wall of text! I set my goal to finish 60 books this year, that increased to 100, and now it's sat at 120. I started with a focus on physical books, but as time has gone on, I've picked up more books on kindle, and my primary method now is audible. I have a fair distance to commute, and you'd be surprised at how many books you'll chew through at 1.35x speed! I'll ranked these in the value that I've felt that they've provided me, be it in education or ente. Just watched Nate Bargatze's special. Joe Rogan: Strange times article. Joe rogan strange times review.

Random Thought on Intellectual Independence. Garlon 3a. My 2019 in Books. (Ranked. A revelation. 12n14-3a. Nomex 3a. What are some "gender-sensitive" inventions / inventors not mentioned in Joe Rogan's comedy act "Strange Times. Movies where reality starts unraveling. *This is a long Psychonautic Analysis of 10 psychotropic substances and their abstract interactions as observed over a three-year, polysubstance, polyincidental heavy-use experiment. The Author is currently abstinent for tolerance. Purpose: This post is concerned with my own personal experience with psychedelic and psychotropic substances in general. I attempt, with some measure of rigour, to explain my experience with 12 different substances. I will not provide "trip reports, nor amount o.

Joe rogan strange times watch online. Trip Report: I am now slightly insane. Two days out from Brandon's Superball Special! Any Over/Under predictions on the ratings / reviews? The homeless cats are going to come in hard and I'm sure the fanboys and bots will be right there to boost their CBD boy. I'm predicting 4 / 10 from anyone that doesn't know him and independent from the podcast or ufc. Also I'm wishing in all this press and self produced behind the mic hype videos for the special, someone would ask Brandon specifically his favorite comics and specific bits.

Joe Rogan: Strange times voir.