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As mentioned by other commenters, this movie has a great feel to it. The atmosphere and settings are well done, possibly better than most big-budget films. The acting is exceptional, despite having an unknown cast (unknown to me, anyway.
The plot starts out pretty good, with an opening scene that truly captures the audience's attention. Things get spiced up, initially, when you realize that the movie goes back and forth in chronology; however, as the timeline-skipping continues, it starts to get confusing and annoying. Then, as the movie climaxes, you're left with a "what the hell was the point? ending.
I think the writers of this movie confused themselves and decided to just end the movie. There was no point and I didn't even see anything about karma in here. It tried to teach a lesson on karma without fully understanding karma itself. It could have been so much better but it failed miserably.
Still, I was entertained throughout this movie, until about the last 25% of the movie. If you have a dollar and some change, pick it up at your local Red Box. I wouldn't purchase this movie, though.